Blaydon Music Venue, Newcastle  

"This was the first time for me, a Big Lamp virgin. There I stood, pint in one hand, fag in another thinking, "Come on then impress me". Boy, did they do that. This band are undoubtably one of Newcastle's best - how I had not discovered them before tonight is beyond me.

This band and their singer, Keith Clark should be right up there. Indie, contemporary, however you categorise their style of music, this band connect with each other 110%. Whatever they sing, they sing it brilliantly. Whenever they harmonize, they do it 100% accurately. Whatever instrument they play, it is played effortlessly.

This is undoubtably a worthy band and it would make me grin from ear to ear to see them make it in the music industry of today. Big Lamp would not be out of place and I for one would be right there watching them in concert and in awe. Justice would have been well and truly done.

Go on your own, Go with friends, Go see this band. Close your eyes, listen to the music, listen to the singer and ENJOY."

Kay Kulkami, Blaydon Music Venue

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Trillians, Newcastle

"A big shout for Big Lamp who took on the Trillians crowd and won with a typically slick set last week.

Keith Clark and the boys were in blistering form as they ran through their impressive back catalogue with She's An Angel the pick of a rocking bunch."

Simon Rushworth,The Journal

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